Fitness Tips

With all the temptations around in today;s world, it is hard to keep on resisting. How does one keep the calorie count and keep body fit? Here are some steps that are suggested by experts all around the World:

Avoid Shortcuts to Fitness
Understand that your journey to a fitter you isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Accept the fact that it is going to take some time and a lot of hard work. Do not try to find shortcuts.

Fun Factor
Find the fun factor in exercise by doing what you enjoy the most. It could weight training, jogging, playing sport or even dancing. Whichever activity you decide to pick up, stick to it daily and turn it into a healthy habit of yours. Another important thing that you should not forget is that sticking to your exercise plan does not give you the license to have that extra cookie!

Prioritize Workout
Stop giving yourself the most clichéd excuse, like “I don’t have time”. Prioritize exercise no matter how busy you are. One hour of exercise sounds tough? You can start with 10 minutes. The important thing here is that you have made the beginning. Later you can slowly increase the time of your workout.
Workout Partner
Find a workout partner. Sometimes it is important to work out with someone who motivates you and forces you to stay consistent.

Avoid extreme diets
Never go on crazy diets. A diet based on a particular nutrient can often lead to the deficiency of other as you may deprive your body of some nutrients. Try eating everything, but in small-small quantities. Indulge in your favorite food item once in a while. Great food is one of the biggest joys of life. Keep in mind also that neither a crash diet after a two-month binge is not a sensible approach to stay fit, nor the high adrenaline of instantly rushing into the gym and working out like you are going to shed all those extra pounds in a single day after long months of inactivity.

Challenge Accepted Norms
A bad diet harms more than missing out one workout. There are certain bad eating habits which have become so acceptable in todays world that we take them as a norm. Alcohol consumption, a chocolate cake with a coffee, a dessert and fast foods are consumed almost on a weekly basis. These foods should be treats, not the norm. Challenge what you have come to understand is a normal diet.

Daily Calories- Diets
An average adult needs 1800 to 2000 calories a day. Balance your meals out in such a way that you can feast without extra workout. If you are planning a feast at night, then keep the morning meals light and vice versa.

Work Stress
Unhealthy mindset shouldn’t become acceptable in the workplace. Find time to free your mind, go for fitness activities in the office and choose a healthy lifestyle.