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Organic Sustainability

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About Aryan International

Aryan International is a top manufacturer and a leading dealer of hundreds of organic agro products and along with that, it is also an elite Agro Commodities exporter of India since more than 15 years exporting goods to various countries such as Australia, Nepal, various African countries and many others. Being a top exporter of organic products, highest quality at reasonable rates is one and only priority of us.

Organic Farming in India has played a major role in changing the landscape of Agricultural Practices in our country. Earlier, due to the rise in the population, the main focus of agricultural sector shifted to increasing the output in order to provide the necessary supply for the given demand and minimize the import of health products and agricultural goods. But this has lead to rise in the adulteration practices in the country such as excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers and other toxins in the cultivation of crops in order to get high yield at minimum time, which has caused contamination of water resources and soil, health problems and deficiencies in humans because of poor nutrition value of the products.

The aggressive agricultural techniques also lead to inferior working conditions for the farm labors, rise in production costs, and eventually, decentralization of economic and social conditions in rural areas. Organic Farming has been in India for thousands of years, but as the need of sustainable agricultural arise in the last few decades, farmers, producers and policy makers shifted their focus to the Organic Farming practices. Various research and developments have lead to effective and efficient use of resources in order to get high output without the use of toxic chemicals, and Organic Farming has provided new market to the small rural farmers in which they can directly deal with the customers and promote fair prices and fair market practices.

Food production should never come at the expense of human health. Since sustainable crop farms avoid hazardous pesticides, they’re able to grow fruits and vegetables that are safer for consumers, workers, and surrounding communities.

Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals–environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.

Mission & Vision

We strongly believe in bringing change to our Food and Health Industry by revolutionizing the way organic food products are consumed in our country. We produce and offer nutritional natural food products in bulk quantities at the affordable prices possible to people, so that organic food would no longer remain luxury food product.

You can take this as our guarantee that what we offer is nothing but the best in organics with the premium quality contributing our part in raising the standard of living of the people of India.

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