Organic Projects

Pesticides free product
Pesticides are chemical agents used in agriculture in order to get rid of various types of pests and bug during the cultivation process that could harm the yield. But along with killing the pests as a positive trait, pesticides have many negative traits such as crop which have been in the exposure of pesticides for a long duration of time leads to various kinds of health problems to the health of the person consuming that crop directly (or end product of that crop). This health problems varies from irritation in the skin, irritation in the eyes to serious issues such as misbalance of body hormones that could lead to reproductive problems, and in extreme cases, even cancer. As in the agriculture of Organic food products, zero percentage of pesticides and chemicals are used, people nowadays are opting for Organic food products even though Organic Products are a bit costlier than there conventional alternative as they know that spending a extra dime now is better than facing serious consequences later.

TraceNet Service Benefit
TraceNet is an online service platform created by APEDA in which a person can obtain certification for the export of an organic product which have been complied with the NPOP or NOP standards. Reports and Stores have been collected, forward as well as backward traces and only quality data have been filed by the operators and producers groups under the Organic supply chain in India.

Internal Control System
The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) has been keys to the development of the Internal Control System (ICS) tool, now widely applied to certify smallholder groups in developing countries. Internal Control Systems as a tool to implement the “improvement” component of organic regulations, which are rarely taken up by certifiers. For example, Internal Control Systems could be tools to assist producers in measuring and ensuring continuous improvements in the soil fertility or biodiversity of their farms.

An Internal Control System (ICS) is the part of a documented quality assurance system that allows an external certification body to delegate the periodic inspection of individual group members to an identified body or unit within the certified operator. This means that the third party certification bodies only have to inspect the well-functioning of the system, as well as to perform a few spot-check re-inspections of individual smallholders.

Organic Projects
Organic project describes a holistic concept, starting from the soil where produce is grown to the final product. The growth of the organic food market is a symbol for the combined effort to minimize the impact of the food industry on the planet, promoting the health of the environment and every living organism.

supply chain partners
There are sourcing services that maintain transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain to provide customers the best of supply chain solution at a very competitive pricing anywhere around the world. Through the supply chain partners direct shipment form producer to customer also ensure considerable savings on shipping cost and delivery time while also relieving the burden of storage, logistics and much of the administration. Additionally, buyers are able, through their access to the producer, to ensure that their exact requirements are met as well as benefiting from the marketing opportunities provided by the known provenance of the product.

social development project
A social development project is to build the competence of individuals and organizations of the region in organic agriculture and thereby contribute to building ecologically, economically and socially sustainable agriculture and organic business. The entire nation is benefited by the growth of organic agriculture which has environmental benefits to the country and its population and economic benefits to its farmers through the projects.

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