Organic and your Health

Well, today we are here to discuss what really make the Organic food products better than the Traditional ones?

As I had discussed in my earlier blogs that with no use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and other harmful artificial chemicals, Organic helps in reducing pollution, maintains soil fertility and balance in the ecosystem, thus, good for the Mother Nature.

And with no use toxins and harmful chemicals in agriculture, the organic produce that we intake is as a result healthier for our bodies and well being. Let’s go deeper into these facts today.

There is a substance called cadmium, high level of which in the body may cause cardiovascular diseases and even cancer at its worst. Smoking, exposure to some particular gases and materials are some of the causes of cadmium in our body. Whereas chemicals and toxins used in the cultivation of non-organic produce causes high level of cadmium in the body of the person consumes them. Comparivitely, organic products contain almost 50 percent less cadmium content than their traditional counterparts. Further, there are microbes called Genetically Modified Organisms (i.e. GMOs) which are used to create Genetically Modified Crops (GMCs). These GMCs is used in agriculture as they result in high yield. But these GMCs are contaminated, as a result of which they lead to many types of the allergies in the children and cause harm to the immune system in adults as well. There is the zero percent use of Genetically Modified substances in the Organic farming, thus the organic produce is free from all these kinds of adulteration and healthier for us.
The benefits of Antioxidants are countless. They help in keeping our skin youthful and radiant, reduce aging effects, improve our immune system, improve our focus of mind, helps reducing stress, they are good for our heart, eyes, etc. etc. Various vegetables and fruits are the easiest source of antibiotics. That is why we are told from the start to eat vegetables and fruits as much as we can. There has been researches conducted in various parts of the world (including one, which was published in the British Journal of Nutrition) which stated that organic vegetables and fruits contains roughly around 20 percent to 70 percent more antibiotics in comparison to their traditional counterparts.
Pesticide exposure is not a rare phenomenon to find now a day. Fatigue, diarrhea, loose motions, vomiting, feeling weakness and nausea, cough, insomnia are some of the many symptoms of exposure to pesticides. If you have been known to be exposed to pesticides, don’t worry. There is a simple process to detoxify your body from all types of pesticides. Fermented food items helps in the extraction of toxins and harmful chemicals from our body. Including fermented products like yogurt, tempeh, miso, etc in the daily diet can completely detoxify your body within weeks. Further, there is a particular type of micro-organism live in the digestive organs of our body, which are called “Gut Flora”. They play an important role in digestion of some fatty acids, bile acid, sterols, Vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin K, and helps in bowel moments. Fermented food items also help to a great extend in multipying these good bacteria in our body.
You might find some local farmers and natural food products sellers in your area who do not use fertilizers, pesticides or chemical in the agriculture of their products or use at a very minimal quantity. But they did not have Organic Certification. In order to obtain organic certification, one has to follow very stringent guidelines in the cultivation of his/her crops. My point here is that the fresh and natural food items available locally are also good if you know that the seller or farmer does not use articifials in the agriculture of its crops. You can always talk to them directly in order to obtain more knowledge about his/her cultivation process. Eating fresh and natural is always better.
Well, in the end, we all know that the greatest wealth is your Health.