Benefits and uses of Castor Oil

One of the most popular organic products that we sell is Castor Oil. There are so many advantages of it and it can help cure various diseases and illness. So, we have decided to write a complete blog about the benefits and uses of this precious item. Today we are gonna focus on skin benefits of it.

1. Treats Skin Issues:
You can use castor oil for the treatment of skin related issues like stretch marks, dry skin, sunburn, and other similar problems. Further, it can also cure skin infections (such as athlete’s foot, incessant itching, boils, fungal infection, yeast infection, etc.), skin burns, warts, etc. Here is the guide on how to use the oil:

• Take a cotton ball or other soft fabric ball
• Submerge it into the castor oil
• Apply the dipped cotton to the affected area of the skin
• Keep the oil there for one to two hours
• Later, wash the area with the fresh water
• Do this process twice a day for quick results.
Note 1: If you are in a place/situation that you cannot keep the affected area of the skin open for 1 to 2 hours, then use a clean cotton cloth to cover it.
Note 2: If the area affected is big, in that case, dip a big clean cotton cloth in the oil and then cover the whole affected area with that cloth for the same period of time, i.e. 1 to 2 hours. Later, replace the cloth with a clean, fresh one.

2. Effective Medicine for Ringworm

Ringworms are one of the common types of skin allergies nowadays that can be found among people of all age groups. Castor Oil is rich in a substance which is known as undercylenic acid. It helps curing various types of skin allergies including Ringworms. Here is the guide on how to use castor oil for treatment of ringworms:

• Mix castor oil in coconut oil in a 1/2 ratio, i.e. half quantity of castor oil compared to the quantity of coconut oil
• Take a cotton cloth and dip it in the ointment prepared
• At night, apply that cotton cloth to the affected area
• Keep the affected area covered with the cloth for the night
• For best results, repeat the process daily

3. Best for treating wrinkles and fine lines:

There are two important proteins for skin named collagen and elastin, which helps keep our skin rejuvenated. When Castor Oil is applied to the skin, it gets deep inside the pores and promotes secretion of collagen and elastin from within there. These proteins provide necessary natural ingredients that soothe skin and keeps it hydrated. Thus, this way castor oil helps delaying the signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles.
In order to get rid of those annoying wrinkles, take a very small amount of castor oil and then, apply it directly on the face at night. Later, wash off the face in the morning. Alternatively, you can apply castor oil in the early morning and then wash it off later after one to two hours. Within days, =you will be completely free from wrinkles and fine lines along with other signs of aging too.

4. Solution for Acne:

Ricinoleic Acid is a type of fatty acid found in castor oil, which helps protect skin from the breach of bacteria and viruses that causes body acne and muscle stress. When you apply castor oil into the skin, it gets into the skin, and put a stop to the expansion of these bacteria. Here is the guide on how to use castor oil in case of Body Acne:
• In order to open skin pores so that oil could go deep into the skin easily, first wash the face with a little bit hot water.
• With oil, gently rub the face in a round motion for around 10 to 15 minutes.
• Do this process at night and keep the face like that for the night
• Wash the face in the next morning
• If you suffer from body acne after every few days, repeating the above process daily for a period of time in order to get completely rid of it.

5. Natural Moisturizer:

Roughness and dryness are the two signs of damaged skin and they also act as the perfect host for other skin problems. In order to keep our skin healthy, we have to keep it properly hydrated and moisturized all the time. Castor Oil works best in this case. It is the perfect moisturizer as it gets into the skin through the pores, draws moisture from the air and then preserves it within the skin. Further, it contains triglycerides, which helps the skin to get back to its original moisture balance.
No need for any artificial moisturizer. Applying a little bit castor oil on the face on a nightly basis can give you amazing youthful skin.

6. No more scars and Pigmentation:

Scar tissues are formed when the skin heals from an injury. Without proper treatment, scar tissues might remain like they are for the whole life. Castor Oil is loaded with an amazing ingredient called Omega-3 fatty acids. When we apply castor oil on those scar tissues, these fatty acids penetrates the skin and get deep within it, from where they start piercing the scar tissues and promote the regeneration of new skin tissues. Similarly, castor oil is also a great solution to get rid of skin pigmentation. The results might not be fast in case of scars while using castor oil, it could take weeks. So, you have to be persistent and apply oil on a regular basis for complete regeneration of skin.