Beginners Guide to start your own Organic Garden (Part-2)

Choice of Crops
The choice of crops/plants you are going to grow is one of the most important decisions you would make in this process. There are plants that grows only in certain soil and under certain climatic conditions, so as I said above, make sure what even you grow, the climatic and soil conditions of your area are favourable to it. Further, there are other factors like the time and money required for the cultivation of each type of crop. For example, the expense of crops like corn is very less in comparison to other crops where as corn require high labor. On the other hand, most of the berries require less labor but expense on their cultivation is high.
Going complete organic is important
Using organic seeds is not enough. You cannot use any kind of fertilizer, pesticide, or other artificial chemicals that are toxin and harmful. There are organic products available in the market are pest control, weed control and soil fertility. Further, you can create your own manure for soil decomposing your ordinary waste food items.
The list of gardening equipment is huge such as Scissors, Weeders, Soil Knife, Pruning Shears, Shovel, Rakes, Saws, Loop hoe, etc. The list can go on and on and along with these, there are some big equipments which are costlier, whom you might also need from time to time. If you are planning for organic gardening along with your friends and neighbors (who are planning it to in their respective free home area too), then there are some tricks and ways by which you can reduce the cost burden on yourself. You can do this by sharing. If you have brought a large pack of seeds, give some of the seeds to your friends for cultivation in their own garden and share tools and equipments with each other.
Companionship in farming
There are companion plants which help in the growth of each other, such as Beans and Corn, Carrots and Tomatoes, Melons and Squash, etc. Cultivation of these plants together can help in each others growth by repelling insects, providing necessary nutrients to each other, etc.
Fun factor
The most important thing is to have fun. Don’t forget that you are doing all this because you like gardening, not that you want to make a career out of it. And as you like gardening, there is nothing more amazing than watching your favorite plants growing over and getting bigger each day in front of you. Enjoy!