Organic Walnut Oil

Being extracted from the walnuts, walnut oil contains 72% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, approximately 20% monounsaturated and 8% of saturated fatty acids. Walnut Oil is one another oil used in cooking by households in our country. It is considered a bit costlier than the other cooking oils, thus less preferred, but after knowing the amazing benefits this super oil, you will surely add this oil in your daily household use. It is light in color, have a gentle flavor, mild odor, with nutty properties.

It is considered one of the best natural ingredient for skin. High level of various vitamins and minerals in Walnut Oil can help you get the flawless and youthful skin. It can help remove wrinkles, treat skin infections (like a fungal infection, etc.), and cures psoriasis. Its antioxidant properties make it extremely effective in fighting against signs of aging. Walnut oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent cell damage, thus helps in reducing hair fall.  Further, being a great source of potassium, walnut oil promotes growth of hair.

It lowers cholesterol levels and thus, reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. If you have belly fat, walnut oil can help you cut that too. And the enzyme called melatonin found in walnut oil ensures healthy night and fight insomnia. Walnut oil is best when used in the making of cold dishes like salad dressing. In simple words, we can say that it is good for health, skin, hairs as well as mind.If you are planning to make purchases of organic walnut oil in bulk, then you have come to the right place. We are the bulk supplier of Organic Walnut Oil. All of our products are produced using organic agriculture techniques and thus, we can guarantee you the top quality of each and every ouch of our product.