Organic Cashew Oil

Cashew Oil is extracted from the shell of the cashew nuts as well as from the cashew nuts themselves by pressurizing them to a certain point. Cashew Oil is one of the most superior oil for cooking. Among the huge list of benefits of cashew oil, one of the top benefits of it is that it could prevent disease as big as cancer. Cashew Oil is composed of proanthocyanidins, which stops the division and spreading of cancer cells (especially colon cancer cells).

The presence of copper, oleic acid, various phytochemicals, and antioxidants in the oil not only helps to protect your heart from cancer, but also from other cardiovascular diseases. Also, copper helps in maintaining right color pigment of the skin and hairs (improves skin complexion). Cashew oil contains Vitamin-E that protects skin from aging. The oil is considered to be the best moisturizer for the skin, and it helps in a curing variety of skin infections. Because of all these benefits, cashew oil is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of most of the skin and hair products. Further, cashew oil is rich in minerals like zinc, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, etc.

Along with protein, these minerals ensure proper growth of bones, body muscles and teeth. We are a bulk dealer/supplier of organic cashew oil in India. We provide top-notch quality of organic cashew oil in 20 Kilograms (or more size) barrels, drums, or tanks. The process of extracting cashew oil from cashew nuts and shells is a long process. Here at Aryan International, it is all done by hands in order to ensure its top quality. In order to know more about our organic cashew oil or to get quotations, feel free to contact us anytime (details of which are given below).