Organic Peanut Oil

Peanut oil another popular nutty flavor oil, also known by the names “groundnut oil”, and “arachis oil”, extracted from the peanuts and carries a strong aroma and taste of peanuts. It is mainly used as a vegetable cooking oil by households in India and other Asian countries. The fatty acid composition in the oil is around 46 grams of oleic acid, 33 grams of linoleic acid, and 10 grams of palmitic acid in 100 grams of the oil.

There are some other fatty acids in the oil at a very low percentage, such as stearic acid, behenic acid, arachidic acid, etc. Along with the use for normal cooking, the oil can also be used high temperature cooking because of its high smoke point. Further, it is good for massage purposes, can be used in manufacturing industry for making of soap (by the process of saponification, and other skin care products), biodiesel, suspension agent, etc. We offer top of the class quality of organic peanut oil.

Our refining process is very advanced that it removes all the allergens from the oil. Thus, a person even allergic of peanuts can also enjoy the amazing taste of this nutty oil with our breakthrough. We are a certified organic producer of peanut oil and we use complete organic agriculture practices in the cultivation of peanuts, as well as extraction and refining of the oil. So, if you are looking to buy superior quality of organic peanut oil, you have come reached the right place. Contact us now for best quotations.