Organic Shatavari

Shatavari or Asparagus racemosus is a popular herb called the “Female Health Formula”.Shatavari has medicinal use and can restore hormonal balance in women who have fluctuating hormonal levels due to menstruation and menopause thus alleviating pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Organic Shatavari or Asparagus racemosus is the most commonly used Asparagus species in ayurveda and indigenous medicine in India. In Ayurveda this amazing herb is known as the “queen of herbs” because it promotes love and positive emotions and enhances fertility and regulates the menstrual cycle.

With an estrogenic effect on the female mammary glands and reproductive system, Shatavari boosts postpartum health and enhances the production of breast milk in lactating mothers.