Organic Rice Flour

Organic Rice flour is also called rice powder, is a form of flour made from finely milled rice. Both, white rice and brown rice are used in the milling process to produce the respective rice flours.

Rice flour is rich in nutrients and vitamins and especially brown rice flour contains a higher level of B vitamins. This is because brown rice still has its outer husk intact whereas during the milling of white rice, the husk is removed. Most of the essential nutrients are found in the husk like fiber, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and zinc.

Organic Rice Flour is used in cooking for dishes like pan cake, chilly chicken and many other delicious dishes, it tastes good and is easy to use.

Organic Rice Flour is also used as a natural beauty aid, It has anti-ageing and oil-absorbing properties, which makes it good for oily or acne-prone and dull mature skin. It’s also a good anti-inflammatory and skin whitening agent that soothes sunburned skin and makes skin smooth and fairer naturally.

We at Aryan International also provide you the beauty tips related to how to enhance your skin by using organic rice flour:

Other Benefits of Rice Flour

1. Organic Rice Flour can be used as Skin whitening and lightening remedies, Amino acid and vitamins present in the grain act as a clearing agent and controls the shine of the skin.

2. Mix rice powder with honey and curd to make a firming face pack. Apply all over your face and neck area and wait to dry completely. Later, wash it off with normal water. It would leave your skin soft and shiny.

3. Mix some rice flour with cold milk to form a thick paste and apply on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

4. You can also splash your face with rice-soaked water for similar results. This will help your skin to get a fairer tone.

5. Prepare a thick paste using banana, castor oil and rice flour and use it as an eye mask for dark circles.

6. Take semi-fine rice powder, chocolate powder, sugar and honey in a bowl. Combine all the ingredients well to get consistency like body scrub. Scrub this mixture over your face and rinse with cool water. Don’t over exfoliate with rice and use it gently while massaging.