Organic Ragi

At Aryan International we provide you with the Organic Ragi which is of super quality as compared to conventional ragi. Organic ragi is a complete multi-nutritional food supplement which is rich in fiber, proteins, calcium and other minerals, most people consider it above wheat and rice when compared to its high nutritional value. Due to its amazing health benefits, pediatricians recommend Ragi food for infants as well as for lactating mothers to enhance their milk production.

Organic Ragi is also called as a weight loss food because it has a very low fat content in an unsaturated form. Also, an amino acid present in it reduces appetite by giving a feeling of fullness, so those who wants to reduce weight and are on diet should include ragi as a cereal in their diet plan.

Organic Ragi is full of calcium, protein and iron. As it is a whole grain, Ragi can be used to prepare, porridge, rotis and dosas. Organic Ragi or Finger Millet contains fibrous carbohydrate and gives us lots of dietary fibres which further helps in bone development, lowers blood cholesterol levels and helps in preventing anemia.
Ragi is also good for patients suffering from diabetes. Regular intake of Ragi decreases the dangers of osteoporosis, Roasted Ragi acts as a tonic for people suffering from liver ailments, high blood pressure, asthma, heart problems etc.

Organic Ragi has high level of calcium, which helps to fights bone weakness or osteoporosis in children and helps in their overall growth and development. The less known fact about Ragi is that it relaxes body naturally. It is rich in antioxidants and amino acids which have the ability to cure depression, insomnia, anxiety and headaches. Ragi is also useful for migraines.

Ragi consumption increases the natural iron content in the body. And hence, it is suggested as a natural domestic remedy for patients suffering from Anemia or deficiency of hemoglobin. Ragi is a perfect diet for people with gluten sensitivity.

Aryan International provides you with the Organic Ragi flour with bundle of health benefits which are never-ending and so the ways of eating it. It can used to make malt, porridge, Idli, Dosa, Roti, Upma biscuits etc. People should add Ragi in their daily diet supplements to fight malnutrition, degenerative diseases and premature ageing.