Organic Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has been around for thousands of years. There are evidences suggesting that the oil has been used for various medicinal, skin care as well as other purpose all over the world from around 500 BC. In ancient Egypt, the oil is used as a perfume, and in the process of mummification of bodies. In Rome, it was used for the purpose of cooking, bathing, and as a room freshener.In Christianity, it is believed that the Mary used the lavender oil to anoint Jesus with her hair. The lavender oil is extracted through distillation process from the flowers of the lavender plant. The widely popular benefits of lavender oil are that it helps reduce nervous tension, anxiety, and stress, provides relief in headache, muscles, and joint pain, facilitate the process of healing in case burns, cuts, and wounds, improve circulation of blood in the body and ensures healthy functioning of the heart.

Further, its skincare benefits include soothing of skin, providing necessary moisture to it, reducing dark spots, and other signs of aging (thus slowing the overall process), preventing the skin from infections, and allergies, and improving the complexion of the skin. The oil is used as a mosquito and bug repellent. While camping outside, you can apply the oil at night to the skin to keep the bugs away. Studies have shown that the lavender oil helps to improve the quality of sleep. It is the best natural sleep medicine, thus, many doctors recommend their patients who are suffering from insomnia to go for lavender oil aromatherapy.

The oil is used to treat health issues like urinary disorder, respiratory disorders (including respiratory infection, cold, and cough, flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinus, etc.), and indigestion (including stomachache, colic, diarrhea, etc.). Many researchers also suggest that the oil when used with other essential oils can prevent breast cancer. Use the lavender oil along with essential oils like cedarwood essential oil, geranium essential oil, pine essential oil, etc. to make combinations for aromatherapy. Aryan International in the leading dealer of organic lavender oil in India. We sell lavender oil in only bulk quantity. For more info or quotes, contact us now.