Carbon Footprints

There has been continuous rise in the global temperature which has been mainly caused by the Greenhouse effect, i.e. the sunlight got trapped in the earth atmosphere because of the various greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH 4), etc which causes rise in the temperature of earth atmosphere. Carbon Footprint means the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the environment by a particular organization, an individual, a product or by an event (like gases released by the eruption of a big volcano). As a result of this, glaciers all around the world are melting causing non bearable living conditions for many aquatic animals and other polar region species by disturbing their natural habitats, global surface temperature has risen almost 1 Degree Celsius in the last 100 years (which may seem a small figure, but it is pretty huge in terms of changes it has caused), there is been drastic rise in sea level, change in the global climate pattern causing unpredicted rains or extremely hot climate in many places which as a result has ruins all crops in that particular region which in result lead to economical crisis in that region and rising warming of the planet as the CO2 emissions had contributed to a 35% increase in radioactive warming since the last 2 decades. The carbon footprints is caused by many factors which include direct factors such as emissions by fuel consumption like coal, oil, natural gases, etc by factories, vehicles, power plants, etc and indirect .i.e. carbon footprints of products including food, textiles, materials, cement, etc.

It is a responsibility of every individual to utilize the resources available to him in such a sustainable way that it would not harm the environment and would benefit our future generations to come. We at Aryan believe not only in providing healthy products to you, but also in making world a better place in any possible way we can. We use various techniques to know and understand our carbon equivalent emissions and then take necessary measures to reduce and cancel out them as much as possible. With the help of our Research staff who keep on working to come up with even more clever and productive eco friendly techniques such as increasing the fertility of the soil, improving the agricultural land and irrigation efficiency, coming up with new and better workers efficiency improvement programs, reducing and cutting off use of traditional sources of power like coal, woods, etc and many more, we ensures not to leave any stone unturned in the technological advancement of our agricultural and production process which in turn results into a further step for a better future. We have developed various programs also in order to communicate and promote our efficient and clean future motto to our staff and customers.